Thomas Hamel Skyhome

Apartment living generally isn't my bag. I've done it, it was a pain in the arse. It would probably be less frustrating if I was just renting but as a homeowner, I resented that a pack of arseholes on a body corporate committee could tell me what I could and couldn't do to MY PROPERTY. My previous place was an apartment and the final straw for me came when the executive committee (on which I sat) voted to not have pay TV installed into the building because it would make people lazy. I do occasionally come across a place that would possibly make me reconsider my stand against apartment living and the next property is one such place.

Apartment 28A/171 Gloucester Street, Sydney NSW

I'm a fan of Thomas Hamel and he's done a damn fine job on this place. This apartment could have very well ended up being cold, sterile and uninviting but Hamel has made it warm and cozy; the kind of place you'd love to come home to. The apartment itself is quite huge (570sqm) and the views are amazing. The occupant of this place is certain to have many friends on New Years Eve. 

(click pictures to enlarge/launch floorplan)

More information about the building and this penthouse can be found at


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