Berry Nice - for Susan who can't sleep

OK one more but I have to go to work tomorrow so that's it. This next place is 5 acres of modern awesomeness in Berry, which is about 2 or so hours drive south of Sydney. It's nice, it's slightly trendy and it's not bloody well cheap.

'Sequoia', Berry NSW

OK yes it's full of beige but I'm not mad at it. I'd definitely add more colour but this place is still stunning as presented in these pictures. Not sure of the price range but can tell you it's listed with Ken Jacobs of the Sydney branch of Christies Real Estate.

(click pics to enlarge/launch slideshow)

Beat that with a stick.

Jaysus that is beautiful.

Clever photographer.

God. I. Love. This.



  1. ...I can't write what my 'real reaction' was, but it was pretty powerful! If you were talking about livingroom chairs, I agree and I'd like to see more of the interior -- it gets very cold in Berry!


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