Lovely pile of gorgeous in Prahran.

First of all let me have a quick bitch. The interface has been updated and I do not like it, not one little bit. I was also going to opine about the state of the market some more but as I sit here right now, I've forgotten what the clever insight was that I was going to share so I'll let you in on that some other time. On the bright side I can report that I have FINALLY, after 5 years and countless people refusing to quote on the job (due to access issues), managed to get underfloor insulation. You see my lovelies, my floors are only boards on joists/bearers so the cold osmosis was awful yet my sub floor space is minimal so there was no room down there for someone to manoeuvre to put in insulation. And then I read about Easy Foam and if you need any kind of insulation, I suggest you read about it too. And let me be clear, this is not a paid endorsement, nor did I get any money shaved off my bill for this mention. I honestly just want to share with you all how good they are and how pleased I am to finally have a fully insulated house. Cheers to smaller power bills!!

In other news, my beloved 10 Bay Street, Mosman has sold and it would appear it fetched around $20 million based on the deposit being recorded as $1 million. The deal hasn't settled yet as far as I know but when it does I have a suspicion that the property will be redeveloped by the new owners and that makes me sad. So I hope the owners can forgive me when I say I hope the sale falls through and the house eventually sells to someone who will appreciate it as is.

3 Irving Avenue, Prahran VIC

I've had a few people ask me if I could include some more accessible houses (in terms of decorating as well as purchase price) so I'm going to try and oblige. This next place likely won't set any price records but it's a really nice little house and maybe it's just clever photography but it really jumped out at me. It's not overly fussy or trendy, it doesn't look like a furniture catalogue nor does it look like Domayne exploded in there. It's very well laid out and the decorating is fantastic.

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  1. Ooo I like. I hate our insides of our house atm. Need decorating ideas. This is GORGEOUS.


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