Villa Danvers

From the harbour this place doesn't look all that amazing although maybe that's just me, don't know but this place is a revelation inside. The listing's not super clear about whether this place is an old priory/house of worship but never the less, the dining room is super impressive. I'd ever consider making it a sitting room if it were mine.

5 Shellcove Road, Neutral Bay NSW

As you can see from the pictures, this place is completely harbourfront so the outlook is quite lovely. I don't love the layout of the master bedroom and how it appears to have no windows leading directly outside so I'd have to see if I could extend it into the study. I feel claustrophobic just thinking about the bedroom the way it is now but I'm also aware the floorplan may not be 100% accurate as is often the case. Never mind, you'll note the window to the left of the bed in the picture of the master bedroom. Agents, you really need to be more careful about this stuff. Also, why for no picture of the kitchen? If it's Scullery & Holtz (not "Skullery & Holtz as the listing states" *cough*bogan*cough*) then I'm sure it's nice so how about it?

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OK so pretty much the whole place will need redecorating. Note window.

Furniture can be replaced.


  1. I didn't notice a price and I'm sure it's not and inexpensive little house, but I quite like it as it stands. That might change when I physically saw it, but I like it and certainly wouldn't be adverse to it "as it stands". It's a bit more my style than where I am now. X

  2. Not house of worship - Swiss chalet!


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