We're going to the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches...

This next place is straight out of a magazine. Literally. It's been used for loads of fashion shoots and quite understandably too, it's amazing. It's so very Australian, very country yet full of whimsy. I particularly like the disco balls but also the space. There's so much space.

Coorabell, Northern NSW

Given the proximity to Byron Bay this place isn't about to be given away, I'm sure you understand. The current price on its head is around 8 million dollars but that gets you 23 hectares of land as well as a fabulous house and pool.

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Yes please.

I can deal with this because it suits the house.

Oh sweet jaysus, gimme.

*note to self - marry well*

That's a goddamn teepee.

So anyhoo, if you want to know more about the house and selling details, click here.


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