Beautiful terrace at Bondi Junction

I tell you, it's an interesting market out there. I know I'm probably harping on about this but if you're prepared to meet the market, your place should sell quickly. So if you're planning on selling,  have a look around, do your research on recent sales and get real about what your house is actually worth. Better to have an idea on that before the agents come calling.

70 St James Road, Bondi Junction NSW

I'm not a massive fan of Bondi Junction so I nearly didn't even click the link on this place but I'm glad I did because it's just utterly stunning. I love it. One of the functions of this blog is to serve as my own personal scrap book and bearing that in mind, this place is what The Porn is about; inspiration. This place inspires me. Would I buy it? Mmmm maybe, I am slightly obsessed with Bondi Pizza at WBJ which is right down the road from this place. You'd be surprised how much food can motivate me. It's a damn miracle that I'm not the size of one of my beloved houses.

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