Slap my ass and call me Charlie!

Wow! Check this place out! Just saw this courtesy of an article on The Sydney Morning Herald online and you can colour me impressed! Not entirely sure how this one got past but anyway, cop a look at this.

68 Darling Street, Balmain East NSW

According to the listing, the original part of this place dates back to 1847 so you just know this joint is haunted as hell*. It's been very well done however and even though it doesn't have underfloor heating, I still love it long time and could understand any ghost that wanted to hang here. One thing I'm not happy about is the outside laundry. I'm really fussy about laundry and I like a nice clean, warm, dry and critter free area to do it in. I'm also partial to a blowdry and don't want my laundry schedule dictated by my hair. There's plenty of room inside for a laundry so what gives? Doesn't really matter, it's quite fixable and certainly wouldn't stop me from buying this.

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 Stealth house. Excellent.

I'm just going to ignore the sofa.

* kidding, it's not haunted. Probably.


  1. Not for me -- love it, but not enough to want to live in!

  2. Hey hey - long time no checky. I'm a big fan of this place - car turntable included - not a lot I could or would change.

    Glad to see you're giving the headlines a bit more juice too - they have an eerie resonance with me. That data on which searches bring people here should be getting more interesting.

    Work's been busy so little time for dreamtime. Lots more people still to go broke so don't get your hopes up for ye olde properté recoveré yet.

    Adios muchacha

    1. Oh hai!! You know, I didn't even consider the tagging when I did the headline on this one! Did you see the Sutton house sold? Almost certainly will be torn down. :( I'd say you're right re: the market, it's rather like a spluttering pancreas. The odd bullish sale here and there but nothing special. Places would shift faster if people got real about pricing but they stupidly put their trust in agent's opinion without looking closely at comparable sales reports. Oh well, stupid is as stupid does. I should go on a posting spree soon....

    2. Nooooo! I don't have 15% of my money ready yet! Well not even 10% of it really.

      I just googled the bad news (old news to you probably). It's strange: according to Chancellor Sutton sold Mosman and then bought Kahlua for damn near full price. The vendors must be overJoyed.

      I really don't rate that at all - my (monopoly) money would've gone on Kahlua. I could've coped with the news being broken to me seated on that Mosman balcony though.

      Suttons probably knew it was a bad deal but might've just hit the "fuck it we're retired so let's SKI" button. Fair enough, but beach houses shouldn't ever be allowed to yield that much.

      And now, as you say, the new owner in Mosman will probably level that gorgeous understated old number and start again, probably glassy as all fuck and sans Spanish roof-tiling.

      I can't rationalise any of this my way - pure Trajikistan.

    3. Yeah I knew that about Sutton. I'd say Ken Jacobs was all up in both deals. I always maintained that Kalua was fairly priced when one looks at the larger Sydney property picture. It's amazing but tired. But the Sutton house was a tad tired too so maybe it won't be so jarring for old Laurie as it was for James Murdoch when he leased Kalua a few Xmas's ago. Mrs James Murdoch was apparently quite unimpressed with aspects of Kalua, especially when compared to the house next door which was let by other members of the family that same Xmas. New owner of Bay St is Chinese and I'd bet you're on the money about something giant and glassy being destined for that lot. Boooo.
      I need to have another looky at the top end of the market to see what if anything has sold as I've been busy lately and haven't been paying attention.


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