Art Deco Apartment in Edgecliff

So it's winter and it's cold and I don't like it. OK it doesn't get cold like it does in Europe and North America but at least you guys are prepared for the cold. In Australia we seem to be surprised by the cold every winter and it's like "omg, it's cold, how did this happen?" as we freeze our arses off. Traditional Australian houses just are not built for the cold. Anyway, all of this is just rambling filler and has nothing at all to do with the next property.

5/412 Edgecliff Road, Woollahra NSW

Hate to get your hopes up guys but this place is sold as of June 2012. (It sold for $1,625,000.) It is quite lovely and inspiring to look at. But for the lack of balcony/outdoor space, I'd be in here like a shot. It's very glamorous and sort of like something from a Hitchcock film. It is, however, very grown up looking. If I lived there I'd put antique toys around the place as well as my collection of tin cars and aeroplanes.

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