Damn Impressive Art Deco at Armadale.

Well the papers made it official this week. Property prices are officially down all over Australia. This is good and bad I suppose. Bad for people who bought when the market was high but good for people who have not yet been able to get into the market. Australian property prices are outrageous, especially when compared to the rest of the world. Sydney property prices are out of control and even though there's been a dip in values, they're still very bloody high. Don't believe me? Search properties in the USA. And no, I don't mean in Bumfuck, Alabama, I mean in places like New York City and its surrounds. I should probably do a post comparing Sydney prices with Tri-State area prices but not now, the vodka says no to that.

35 Hampden Road, Armadale VIC

Wasn't sure about this one when I saw the exterior picture but I ventured into the listing and was quite glad I did for it is simply MARVELLOUS! I don't know how old it is but it's been "restored" so that makes me think it's pretty old. I want it to be old so let's just say it's old. I adore the floorplan. Although this place is far too big for my needs, the layout has provided me with some inspiration for future housing.

(click pictures to enlarge/launch floorplan)

It has one of those buried trampolines!!!! I want one!!!

I'm just too grubby for white upholstery.

That's awesome although I have a hairdo to maintain.

This place is phat.



  1. Hello hello! That place is glorious, but if I could only have one deco job, this would be it.


    Nice work posting the church listings - I love the strange window arrangements that the conversion forces upon the architects.

  2. Aaaah that Palm Beach place is fabulous!! I love the art deco bathrooms, they're amazing.


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