Gorgeous and sweet in Woollahra

I've typed a whole bunch of stuff here and deleted it, typed more and deleted it. Words are not my friend tonight. I don't know what to tell you re: the housing market; it's all over the place and kind of reminds me of an engine that is spluttering and showing signs of being about to fully fire up. Or die completely.

3 Wellington Street, Woollahra NSW

I'd be into this in a second, I'm not going to lie. And I don't even much like Woollahra. I do like a nice hedge though and this has a few of those. The house is a good size for me too although I don't need 5 bedrooms. Mainly though, it's warm and welcoming and reminds me of London. And it's not even that I long to move back to London, I honestly don't but I guess there was a certain decor period in the UK in the 90's that did something for me. It was all very Nina Campbell and Colefax and Fowler and comfortable and warm and non-threatening. Anyway, I'll shut up so you can have a look at the pictures. Check out the listing here.

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