Actually really New York style in Potts Point

I HATE when agents use the term "New York style" to describe properties because most of the time the properties could not be further from New York style if they tried. It just makes agents seem so lame and wannabe-like. For the record, actual New York style generally is small and overstuffed. Believe me, I lived there for years in a very nice but very tiny brownstone apartment. I miss it though. I once house sat for friends who lived in a gorgeous Emory Roth building on Fifth Avenue between 10th and 11th Street. This next place reminds me of that place in that it's small yet perfectly formed.

901/12 Macleay Street, Potts Point NSW

This property is listed at $940,000 and I think that's quite a lot given there's no parking on title. But it's in the Macleay Regis which is a stunning building and the apartment is quite worthy of the tag "New York style". I should point out that the agent hasn't actually employed this tag but I hereby grant permission for him to do so. I'm sure he'll give a stuff.

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