Converted Chapel on the Upper West Side

As promised, more of Manhattan's best. There is no shortage of places I could show you there but I can only look at Manhattan real estate in short bursts before I become quite overwhelmed. I can cope with Australian prestige property, perhaps I'm even immune to it but it's nice to know I can still be overwhelmed by a beautiful home and this next listing is one such home. USD$10,000,000 will get it for you. And you know what? Considering what that gets you, I don't find the price too bad and especially when I consider what the same amount of money will get you in Sydney. A landmark place like this in a comparable location in Sydney would be a hell of a lot more than ten million.

Central Park West, New York, New York

Sorry kids, no address but if you're in the area believe me, you will NOT be able to miss this one. Maybe it's not to everyone's taste but it would have to be among the most ridiculously stunning properties I've ever clapped eyes on. It is just utterly and completely breathtaking. There are loads of pictures to get through so I suggest you settle back with a nice cup of tea/coffee/vodka and enjoy.

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Cop that.

It's almost more amazing than I can process.

I know it's not modern but it is beautiful.


  1. Oh, I remember seeing this on Listverse or a similar site. I love the whole place, except that one bedroom where the wallpaper is the same print as the curtains which are then echoed on the bed...
    Aside from that, it really is stunning and droolworthy.

    1. Ha ha yes, that room's a bit much. The kitchen is also lovely but for some reason I couldn't upload the picture onto blogger. You can see it via the listing.


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