I'm baaaaack!

I've not posted in over a month and I'm sorry, I have plenty of houses saved and ready to go but I was overseas and then when I came back I was too emo to post anything. But the mood has struck me so here I am. Actually, this weird diet I'm on has struck me. I'm so goddamned hyperactive right now, I would be SO annoying to be around. Anyway, bear that in mind because I'm sure this post will seem as though it was written by a child strung out on red cordial.

5 Grant Avenue, Toorak VIC

Give it to me now. Yes, I know, I always say that. Whatever, bite me. I love this and want to make it mine. I want to pick it up and move it to Paddington (Sydney). I don't want to move it to where I am now because I'm sick of having to drive everywhere. I prefer walking. Christ, listen to me, call the waaaaahmbulance. Righto, settle down me. This place is all the things I like, warm, cosy and inviting. And not a douchebag. Or bitey. I don't like bitey things. I've had bitey things in my house. I didn't like that.
Just look at the pictures. Listing is here.

(click pictures to enlarge/launch slideshow)

Furniture's not totally my cup of tea but it's quality and that's what counts.

I don't like the animal head. I would have this instead. #DrSeuss

There is a floorplan but for some reason I can't post it so go to the listing to see it.

Bitey things I don't like.


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