Summer's coming!!!!!

And it looks like Sydney will actually get a summer this year! Thank the baby cheeses and all taints and Hells Angels. And yes, I know I've been slack with the posting and I'm not going to bore you with the usual excuses. I'm in the mood to post tonight so hopefully I'll be able to bang out a few blog posts before the mood deserts me again.

1 Dress Circle Road, Avalon Beach, NSW

I have moved around a hell of a lot in my life and it's been rare for me to live somewhere for longer than 3 years but I lived in Avalon for 6 years between age 6 and age 12. When we first moved there it was a quiet beachside town that seemed quite isolated from the rest of Sydney. Things have changed enormously since then and Avalon is now considered to be prime real estate. This next property is probably more affordable than most properties I post about but it's no less gorgeous. Anyway, the listing is here if you want more info but otherwise, cop a load of the pictures!

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