How's the Serenity? Vashon, Washington.

I'm sure I've made it known that I don't do requests. Sorry but too much potential for awkies as I am super selective about what houses appear on this blog. As I've said many times, my own house wouldn't even come close to making it on this blog.

23829 Dockton Rd SW, Vashon, Washington USA

That being said, this next post is one that I requested permission to post about. It belongs to family friends so I've heard a lot about this house and the surrounding area and it all sounds so fabulous and the house is utterly beautiful. If I had the cash I'd buy this place in an instant. It's worth noting that this house is only a 22 minute ferry ride to the centre of Seattle. Not 20 minutes, not 25 minutes but 22 minutes.

You should buy this house. And you should also share this post and indeed this blog with your family and friends. They will like you more if you do.

Oh and hey, do NOT forget to check out the video of this property which is here. And if you want more info or to contact the listing agent, please click here.

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This is actually too beautiful. I need to lie down.

Ralph Lauren called and he wants his set back.

The backyard.


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