Paddington Glory

First things first. Anyone been watching the news lately? Jaysus Christ on a cracker! I was watching Sky News in the gym today and my eye literally started twitching. Damn planet's gone totally cray-cray. I don't like it.

138 Glenmore Road, Paddington NSW

So, according to the listing, this one's a mortgagee auction. Whatever, I'd totally hit it. It's in what I think is the best part of Paddington, right near 5 Ways but also walking distance to Oxford Street. And not far from Westfield Bondi Junction. Which means not far from Bondi Pizza. I love that place so hard. This makes me a bad person but I stayed with a douchebag ex longer than I might have to get one more trip to Bondi Pizza. I actually am that shallow. But their pizzas are that good.

Anyway, someone buy me this house.

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  1. I really like this place, but have a problem with the absolutely NO coordination between the original building and the inside. It's like moving between centuries - outside to inside.


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