I had a really good idea for a post last night....

but when I woke up this morning (ok this afternoon) I couldn't remember it.  Oh well.

Anyway, it's the Australia Day public holiday and it is deadset bucketing down. QLD has been washed away completely (maybe a slight exaggeration) and the folks on the news are telling people in NSW to take cover for an impending  "superstorm". Hyperbole much? I can't complain, this summer's actually not been too bad in terms of weather, especially when compared to the last few summers. Although the 47C+ temperatures can eff right off.

I hear it's been a good season in Palm Beach this year and this appears to have translated to the market with quite a few places selling over the last few months. This must be a welcome change for the local agents because the Palm Beach market has been stagnant for quite a while now. It would be nice to see the market in the surrounding suburbs kick off a bit. Especially the waterfront market.

60 Bynya Road, Palm Beach NSW

This is called 'The Hill House' and it is a modernist masterpiece. Designed by award winning architect Chenchow Little, this place has been featured in quite a few magazines and I'm sure you'll understand why once you cop a look at the pictures. I highly recommend having a look at the listing to get your head around all this house has to offer.

(click pictures to enlarge/lauch slideshow)


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