Stealth House in Paddington

I know I said I'd given up on commenting on the market but I just wanted to mention that an avalanche of properties were put on the market today. I was quite surprised at the amount, I know Australia Day is the delineation point for our summer holidays but there was seriously a lot of places posted today. I noticed a few were second attempts at marketing, perhaps the vendors have a bit more confidence in the 2013 market?

4 Cooper Street, Paddington NSW

If you've been paying attention then you will know I like a stealth house. A house that seems quite small and unassuming but actually is just utterly big and awesome inside. This next house is such a house and I would like to live in it. If any of you are all 'oh hai, I'd love to buy a house for a random', please, hit me up. Purchase details and listing info via this link.

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