$20 million worth of Park Avenue.

New York City property makes me ache, it's just too beautiful to bear. I attribute this to a concentration of wealth which brings with it access to the absolute best in everything. And I love the best. Sue me, I'm a Taurean, what do you expect? By the way, American toilets are weird. So many of them seem to have that weird shelf thing in them, I don't get that. Why would anyone want their dookie to land on a shelf?

765 Park Avenue, New York City, NY USA

The green room is going to polarise my readers, I understand that but I don't care, I love it. Although I'd also like it if it were red. Actually, stuff that, I'd prefer to have the library be red as the library has a fireplace. I would put a door in the hall to separate the master suite and that green room (to the right of the master on the floorplan) from the rest of the apartment. That way you'd end up with his and hers bathrooms. Or his and his. Or hers and hers.

Oh, this building is a Candela.

The property is sold but if you'd like more info on it or the selling agent, click here.

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  1. I could live here without his/his or her/her bathrooms. I wouldn't change a thing!


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