Ocean Street Beauty

I think I used up all my words on the previous blog post. You don't want any more words, right? Just pictures, surely? Excellent.

81 Ocean Street Woollahra NSW

This house is gorgeous, I love it, check it out,I want to redecorate it, share it with your friends, blah blah, click here for more info.

(click pictures to enlarge/launch slideshow)


  1. Not alot wrong with this place other than a bit of decoration is needed, but to be honest you could redecorate every 18 months and still not be quite right. What is with the square sinks? Every house recently has them - I took 2 out 8 years ago - they're the most impractical things EVER! I like this place - it looks beautiful and 'livable'! ps.
    the back of the house needs a bit of vine or landscaping - it's not very inviting other than the lovely pool.


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