The Hepburn Estate

Yes, that's right, the Hepburn Estate. As in Katharine Hepburn. If my memory serves me, she grew up in this house, indeed it was initially sold along with the rest of her estate after she died. I remember seeing that listing showing the home in its original condition, if I can dig it up again I will post it.

10 Mohegan Ave Old Saybrook, CT 06475 United States

Put simply, this estate is remarkable. I won't try to list all the amazing things about it but I suggest you have a look at the detailed listing at this link.The historical value of this house is off the charts but it's also quite beautiful to look at. Of course it's not cheap but worth every penny I would think. This blog talks about the Category 5 hurricane in 1938 that destroyed the original home. The house that is on the block now was built after that storm.

By the way, keep a close eye on this site, I'm upping the ante and have some gob-smackingly amazing places to share from France, Italy, the USA, the Caribbean and more.

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If these walls could talk.

In the original kitchen of the house.


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