The Reserve, Holmby Hills

Jeremy Renner is hot, there’s no getting around that. He’s also in one of my favourite fillums (The Avengers) but the best thing about him is his talent for flipping houses. If you want to know more about that, I suggest you look here. If you would like to know more about the listing, more specifically, how to buy it for me, I suggest you look here. This post is chock full of pictures and the listing site has even more so settle yourself in with a nice vodka and soda and prepare to have your mind blown.

The Reserve, Holmby Hills, California USA

I'm not even going to bother. There are no words that can do this property justice. See for yourself. Try not to cry.

(click pictures to enlarge/launch slideshow)


  1. I love it but couldn't live in it -- it's just too big. I need somewhere that's 'warm and fuzzy' to curl up with a book and not have my voice echo back to me. It is stunning and the kitchen is to die for, but how far would you have to walk to fix 1 simple meal?? Maybe it'd work for a family of 20!!


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