Lawd have Mercer!

OK sorry but first order of business is that Altona finally sold! And the talk around the place is that it went for north of $50 million. Could the mental Sydney property market be back? Probably it is but how long will it last? And have we learnt our lesson? Probably not.
Anyhoo...this next delight is more local than some of my more recent posts. It's definitely worthy though.
15 Mercer Road, Armadale, Victoria
Personally I think this one holds its own against some of the recent and quite mega places I've posted about. The listing is fairly short on details, I think because the house has its own website but sadly that website doesn't seem to work. What the listing does tell me is that the early-Victorian house was featured in 100 More of the World's Best Houses and the extension was designed by Jackson Clements Burrows. So there you go.
Dig in.
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I love this.


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