Living next door to Billz and Hillz.

Hey there readers. So the Sydney property market's gone bonkers again and people are, once again, paying stupid prices for houses. So if you're at all interested in selling, get your arse in gear and do it because I don't know how long this is going to last.
48 Haights Cross Road, Chappaqua, New York  
So who wants to live near the Clintons? Imagine popping round to ask Hillz for a cup of sugar. Neighbours aside, this place is epic. Not 100% entirely to my taste but I can still appreciate this for what it is. You like? It's just a nudge under USD$25 million. Listing here. Good stuff below.
(click pictures to enlarge/launch slideshow)
Blimey. Your turn to do the lawns.
I could do so much better with the d├ęcor.
It's very Presidential/White House Residence looking.
And that is where the Illuminati meet.
The Bacon Room.
We need to talk about this carpet.
Where the magic happens.
I prefer this bedroom.
I prefer Cybex equipment and wtf is with the fatback telly?
The money shot.
One is a bit sick for a pool house.
What? You don't have a basketball court? Are you pov?


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