Lustworthy in Palm Beach

Well hi-dee-ho readers! I hope you're all well and sharing this amazing blog with every single person you know. The Sydney property market is still losing its fecking mind which is great although it presents a dilemma for me. My area is outpacing the area I'd move to if I did actually move but I'm still on the fence about moving. I think I ought to be completely positive I want to move before I actually put this place on the market. Let's hope the market stays strong.
Mandalay, 66-68 Florida Road, Palm Beach NSW
I have lusted over this next place for a long time but until now, I had no idea what it was like on the inside. Reality has not disappointed me, it's completely gorgeous. And huge too. Details here.
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  1. I could easily live there with no major changes!Are you going to buy it for me Mrs C?


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