Market Street Penthouse

I am honestly surprised I haven't featured this before. Maybe I have, I can't be bothered doing more than a cursory search to find out.
3501/68 Market Street, Sydney NSW
So this sweet, sweet place sits on top of the Swissotel, right in the middle of Sydney's CBD. My overseas readers may not be savvy to this but Sydney CBD is not generally prime real estate. Not that there's anything wrong with it, there's not, it's actually pretty great but the really good Sydney property tends to line the harbour foreshore. This place is one of the exceptions though, it's really pretty bloody sexy. The decorating was done by Garth Barnett around 10 years ago now but I suspect it's been freshened up recently. My parents had a place that was done by the same designer around the same time as he did this place; my father called the decorating style "dark, moody and gay". Whatever, I liked it.
It's perhaps worth mentioning that this place has been on the market since dinosaurs roamed the earth. The price (which I won't mention as it's not 100% verified) is pretty fair considering what it is.
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These photos are not great.
The dining table seems too small but it's much nicer than the one that went into my parent's.
I am not OK with that sofa.
I love the centre island arrangement.


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