So many new listings, so little time.

What a horribly unoriginal title for a post. But it's true, the Sydney market is currently relentless and I've got loads of properties to post about. So I'm going to be light on the text (do any of you even read it?) and post the pictures and mostly just some smartarse comments.
17 Stanley Avenue, Mosman NSW
This next listing has been getting a lot of attention. It's bloody expensive but at the same time, the price seems pretty fair for what it is. Well, fair in terms of the Sydney market. The price is face-meltingly gigantic (somewhere around the $15 million mark). It is also award-winning. All of those things are well and great but not worth a good goddamn to me if the house isn't nice. And this place is NICE. If you've got the coin for this call the agent. I know him, he's an entertaining guy. But kids, be legit, no one likes a time waster and this place is likely being shown to qualified buyers only.
(click pictures to enlarge/launch slideshow)
See what I mean?
Yep, it's nicer than your house.
Lawd help me.
Dining chairs are lovely but boring.
That's a cooker.
Wut? Nope.
Yep, 2 kitchens.
Not in love with this.


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