Beverley* Hills in South Yarra

No more comments re: the red hot Sydney market except to say that it's gone stupid now. Still not sure whether to sell up or sit tight.
1/63 Darling Street, South Yarra, Victoria
From the listing - "Designed by Architectural icon Howard Ratcliff Lawson, The Beverley Hills complex was the largest of its kind when built and is viewed as his masterpiece amongst a number of complexes he built in the 1930s amongst the Lawson Heritage precinct. The design was taken from the idiosyncratic cues of the casual glamour of interwar Los Angeles, and combines Spanish Mission styles with Art Deco flair. For decades it has been the home of writers, poets, entertainment identities and those that seek a more bohemian lifestyle reminiscent of Hollywood."
Put simply, hot damn this place is delicious. I love its guts off. Give it to me. Read the rest of the listing on the above link, it's really worth a look.
*Oh, for my fellow pedants, I know the actual Beverly Hills is spelt differently but for whatever reason, the name of this building has an extra 'e' in it. Go figure.
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