From Barry to Bouris

Hasn't this year gone quickly? It's all a bit much of you ask me. Which you didn't. So the Sydney market is still mental in terms of volume however I think we're possibly seen a bit of stabilisation in regards to prices. Time will tell.
81/125 Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW
As the title (not very cleverly) suggests, this place was formerly owned by Barrie Humphries. Who apparently caused drama by carrying out renovations without the approval of the body corporate. Um ahh. Then it was bought by that sexy midget, Mark Bouris. This apartment is right smack bang in the middle of Sydney CBD and it is A-Grade stuff so get it into you. The listing is here.
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I understand it was this staircase that caused the building's Body Corporate to have a conniption.
This could be better.


  1. I like the bones, but I don't think the furniture suits it very well. I actually like most of it, but the place is missing small personal touches and 'comfortable' things that make a home a home!


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