The Rift

You'll be pleased to know that internet explorer 11 is just as bad as internet explorer 10 was. It might be even less stable. And the blogger interface hates it. But I will push on (via Chrome) because I know my fans need me. Don't try to deny it.

The Rift, Bowral NSW

I have it on good authority that this place was in quite a state when originally purchased and the current vendors have spent a mint fixing it up and they have done a bloody brilliant job, it's really quite stunning. The listing tells me the house dates back to the 19th century. It also mentions underfloor heating, my most favourite thing. The pictures tell me the kitchen has an AGA. Folks, this one is a winner.

Update: I have good news and bad news. Bad news is that this place is now sold so you can't have it. But the good news is that you can stay there! Go to  for more information. 

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I think these floor tiles are original.

I LOVE this. Love love love love love it.

I think this is the Coach house.

oh god oh god I think I need some private time.

The Coach house is nicer than my house. 

I want to fix those sofa cushions SO badly. Just a quick shove into place will do.

So much tongue and groove. Love.

I would have Mum stay in this room to give her the shits. She hates green.


  1. I know it's a little bigger than I really wanted, but you could live in the coach house and that would solve the problem!??

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