Geoff Dixon is moving on

I know this isn't a property gossip blog but the fact that this next place is owned by former Qantas chief, Geoff Dixon, is all over the property pages so it's hardly a secret. I'm not going to say anything more about Dixon because I don't want to get sued. Although I will say this, I know that the current Qantas chief also lives in that immediate area. Given what I know (and will not share), I can say with some confidence that the potential for awkwardness would have been off the bloody charts. 

6/8 Hickson Road, The Rocks, Sydney NSW

Years ago I got to have a peek around the (then un-developed) Bond Metcalfe building and I nearly wept, it's potential was so great. And this being Sydney, it did get redeveloped and they did an amazing job. Look for yourself. And check out the listing which is here

(click to enlarge/launch floorplan)


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