The Old Dairy

This year is going too quickly. And the property market is too mental. I have found a house I like and could maybe, possibly afford but I'm 99% sure it will sell within a week and I need to sell my own house first. Don't think I'd even manage to get my place tidied up in time, so glacial is the pace at which I move. Also, this other house has an area of glass brick I would have to remove immediately. My hatred for glass bricks runs deep and strong; they are heinous. I don't care who I have offended by my saying that. 

14 Mary Place, Paddington NSW

The listing tells me this place is called The Old Dairy and that it's from the 1800's and it's part of the Flinton Estate. Whatever, I need it. Gimme. Oh and one other thing; I rarely talk about specific agents on this blog but I do deal with agents all the time so I'm pretty up to speed as to the good ones (rare) and the crap ones (prolific) and while I've never met the agent selling this property, I feel inclined to give him a bit of a shout out. I haven't viewed a property with him but I have enquired about some of his listings and his (and his agency's) follow up was immaculate. The fact that there was follow up is rare in itself, most agents can't even be bothered answering property enquiry emails but this agent (William Manning) and his team managed to follow up with me without being annoying or intrusive. And I am easily annoyed, trust me. I repeat, I do not know this agent personally, nor do I know anyone at his agency but credit should go where it's due*. If I were going to list in the Eastern Suburbs, I would definitely be giving this bloke a call. Take a bow, mate. 

And give this house to me.

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*swear to god this is legit and not cash/favours for comment but if anyone does want to offer me cash for comment, send me an email and I'll send you my paypal deets. just kidding. maybe. I just got a $550 water bill because even though the pool guy denies it, my bloody pool leaks so you know...


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