How to Real Estate - A Quick Guide for the Modern Agent.

Look, I get it. I know what a slog selling real estate can be. And I especially know how hard it is to get a listing. So what I don't get is why, when you get that precious listing, you STUFF IT UP. So I'm going to lay out a few things for you guys and trust me, it would be a good idea if you were to take these tips on board.

1) Learn how to spell. More importantly, learn how to read. Do you have any idea how bad a listing looks with bad spelling and grammar? No? Read this then. In short it says that "an analysis of listings priced at $1 million and up shows that "perfect" listings—written in full sentences without spelling or grammatical errors—sell three days faster and are 10% more likely to sell for more than their list price than listings overall. "

2) Keeping with the above theme, are you aware that your every interaction with the public is an advertisement for your business, good or bad. And in my experience, 70%+ of it is bad and I'm referring to those working in the mid to high range of the Sydney market. Your real estate listings are potentially the best advertisement you have, remember that and proofread the bloody things before they go live. And agents, don't blame your PA/marketing assistants, it's your name on the listing and you are responsible for it. Assistant not getting it right? Train them properly or, if necessary, let them go. You've been entrusted to sell someone's prize asset so you should take that business seriously.

3) When someone sends an enquiry about a property, you bloody well answer it and you do it quickly. I don't give a flying flatootie how many enquiries you're getting about a property, handling them is your job so do it, do it well and don't bitch about it. Again, you are advertising yourself to the people who are enquiring about the property and the potential pay off there would likely come sooner rather than later. When I sold my last place, the agent (Gayle Walker of Gayle Walker Real Estate, Mosman) was chosen due to her performance when I simply asked about a property she was marketing. Her service by far exceeded any other service I had received from agents in that area. Once again I feel obliged to point out I don't get any revenue from this blog and Gayle doesn't know I'm writing this so don't even think something sus is going on. Honourable mentions go to William Manning at Ballard Property Group, the crew at Cunninghams Property Balgowlah, Justin White at LJ Hooker Balgowlah, Peter Robinson at LJ Hooker Palm Beach and Hamish Robertson at McGrath.

4) So not only did I choose to list with Gayle, I recommended her to a lot of people. In fact I still do. But the agent I had bought the Mosman property through? Utterly vile and don't think I haven't shared that around too although I won't be doing so on this blog. I'd love to but don't feel like getting sued.

5) Don't over quote the property. I know in a fluctuating market it can be hard to accurately quote but it's best to under promise and over deliver. Trust me on this.

6) Treat the property you're marketing like what it is, someone else's important asset. If the owner gives you special instructions, follow them to the letter. Again, word of mouth is your best friend when it comes to getting listings. But also, treat the properties well because you're not a twat. Don't be a twat.

7) Don't carry on like a used car salesman. It's not a good look. Smarm is never a good look.


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