Melbourne Trifecta

I'm feeling a tad lazy tonight (what's new) so you're getting 3 properties in the one post. This first one is my mostest favourite out of them all but they're all fabulous, which is why I'm posting about them.
I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was seeing some signs of the market slowing and the stat/actual experts have since have supported this. By "slowing", I mean that prices are levelling out instead of continuing to spiral upwards. But even still, Sydney prices remain utterly demented, even on a global scale. 

23 McIlwrick Street, Prahran VIC

This looks comfortable and warm. And fabulous. The kind of house you'd rush home to. The kind of house that might seem as though it's cuddling you. Small but perfectly formed. Beautiful decoration. I covet it.

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OK I love this but NEVER ever ever ever can the fridge be right next to the oven. The fridge will struggle when the oven is on. This is bad kitchen planning but I see it a lot. DON'T DO IT. 

Needs a lot more storage.

6 Cloverdale Avenue, Toorak VIC

This one is not like the other. But it's still awesome and totally worthy of inclusion here. The decorating is of a particularly high standard. 

176 Kooyong Road, Toorak VIC

I have a massive jones for this place. It's perhaps slightly less homely than the above house in Prahran but it's still all kinds of delicious. I like that it's all on the one level and I adore the high ceilings.


Love. But it needs a bigger telly.

Passable but not optimum. I prefer a big get lost sized cooker.

Yes. Well done. Thank you.

These built in arrangements are rarely comfortable.


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