Athens, Georgia

For some unknown reason, I have been looking at fancy properties in the southern states of the USA. I'm not a fan of most of the 'luxury' places there as I find American luxury style to be a bit yuk. It's usually all too big and shiny and in your face. Obviously there are exceptions and when they do it well, they do it really well. 

103 Post Oak Trail, Athens, Georgia USA

This place just owns, it is literally made from wins. I can't even deal with it, it's that awesome. 

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I seriously loathe guns but this is so chic.


Love so hard.

Too much beige but the green outside offsets that.


The shower is breathtaking. Bags not clean it.

So cosy.

Even more cosy.

The bathrooms in this place are so lovely.

Love love love a big laundry.

What is this? A craft room? LOVE.

I need dis.

More information here.  


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