Stardust Hill

It's pretty bloody rare that I post about a house that is actually affordable. It's so affordable that I could buy it, pay all taxes, pay to move from Sydney to Vermont, buy new furniture and not have to worry about working for a while. Oh to dream.....

By the way, have finally taken the plunge and gotten myself an iMac. And cannot believe I waited so long. This is a hell of a lot of computer and I'm finding it a tad confronting but it's really an extraordinary machine. 

Stardust Hill, 140 Academy Road, Thetford, Vermont USA

The name alone makes me want to buy this. Actually, if I were a bit braver, I would sell my house and buy this immediately. I am a US citizen so wouldn't have to worry about visas etc and also, Vermont is very much a blue state. But my family are here so I guess I should stay. Even though I really want this place. I love pretty much everything about it, especially the screened in porch and the size of the land. And it's close to Canada. And skiing. I'm not a great skier but that's never stopped me. OK, that's enough, now I need to talk myself out of this.....

More info here. 

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I die.

American cookers are weird. And this house needs an AGA.


New shower needed. No worries.

Command Centre (or 'Center' for the Yank spellers)

Easy to fix.

Dying of lust.


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