Hidden away in Palm Beach

Well it's been an interesting week to say the least. Was supposed to have hairs did on Wednesday night but something came up so I cancelled thinking that it really wouldn't matter if I had horrible blonde regrowth for another week. Well because god hates me, it kind of did matter because I got my (hormonally swollen) bonce on the telly this week, prattling off about news and current affairs and it wasn't a quick grab, it was an extended appearance. On Sky News. Primetime. Yup. Other than slightly chubby face and bad hair, I'm told I didn't embarrass myself too much. Mad props to Peter Van Onselen for holding my hand and just being a generally good bloke. You should all be watching PVO Newshour. (7-8pm, Mon-Thurs, Sky News Australia)

In other news, I'm obsessed with Max Sparrow furniture and home wares at the moment. Trust me when I say this is not a paid mention (I don't do them. Mostly because no one's asked. *cough*I take Paypal*cough*) But seriously, it's not paid. I just love their stuff. And the prices are great. And I've been into their showroom and the quality is excellent. Plus their sofas are all really comfy. I highly recommend checking out their site. 

6 Currawong Ave, Palm Beach NSW

I had a short spell doing real estate in Palm Beach (holiday rentals) and spent a large chunk of my childhood in the area so I thought I knew where all the best houses were but this next one escaped my notice. If you want to know more about the ownership of the property, I believe Title Deeds in the Sydney Morning Herald did a small write up on it. What I can tell you is that it's being marketed by Peter Robinson of LJ Hooker Palm Beach and I can say with some authority that he's one of the good guys. Again, this is not a paid endorsement but if I were listing in the Palm Beach/Whale Beach area, I'd be giving Pete a call. For more info on the property, click here

Oh one other thing. You guys would be well aware of my love of Curbed (the US based property gossip site). Well I think there should be a Curbed Australia. And I think I should run it. If you agree, shoot Curbed a message on Facebook or the Twitters. I'm thinking of doing a sample Curbed Comparisons on Sydney rentals but will do so while making it clear that I don't own that idea. #suckup

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Very Mid-East Coast/Southern USA

Careel Bay. 

Am sick for a covered deck.


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