Paddington Double Feature

Because I've been a bad blogger of late, you're getting 2 houses in one post. You're welcome.

11 Flinton Street, Paddington NSW 

So this place is just pretty much perfect for me. Sure, the decoration in some of the rooms could use some tweaking but overall this property is the bomb diggity. Very Belgravia meets Sydney. And there's underfloor heating!! 

More info here.

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Beige overload but so easily fixed.

I do love the cabinetry but I'd like a fireplace in here.

Lovely but I prefer a nice, big cooker. Like this. 

Would put this bed in. 

221-225 Underwood Street, Paddington NSW

The next beauty is a zen paradise. Obviously very different from the Flinton Street property but equally as lustworthy. It has my my favourite windows/doors and the courtyard is uh-maze. Totally a stealth house and we know how I love those. More details here

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