Blenheim Palace in Queens Park

Sorry but that actually was a clever blog title for once. 

This house is so very contained and slightly more modern than my usual tastes but I think it's brilliant. The greenery features above the pool, looking into the master suite remind me of the wall of greenery in the lobby of the Chairman's Lounge at Sydney Airport. I love that kind of thing. And I'll bet you anything that the pool at this place, unlike my stupid pool, isn't home to a trillion redbacks. Australia, I love you but GTFO with your spiders. I don't love how the back of this place looks (could just be the picture though) but the street presence is a winner. More info at this page.

31 Blenheim Street, Queens Park NSW

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Generally speaking I prefer commercial style cookers but that one is a winner.

Want some bed with your pillows?

TV needs to be WAY bigger.

Love that.


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