Trophy Estate in Hunters Hill

This is a trophy estate if I ever saw one and isn't it spectacular. Even has its own swimming baths in the harbour. Hopefully netted as there are quite a lot of bitey bull sharks in that part of the harbour. It's all very tasteful (mostly) and chic although there are a few things I'd change. Kind of odd that there's the swimming baths but no boathouse or other apparent boating facilities at the waterfront.

The block is huge, 3,569sqm. For my overseas readers, that is utterly massive for a Sydney block, let alone a harbourside one. The house is also quite massive and I find the floorplan a bit confusing, would  be interested to see how it all flows. And bedroom 2 is either a nursery or a study. Sorry but if I've forked out for this place, I'm not sharing the master bath with anyone I'm not doing nudie things with. It's sold but more info here. 

'Windermere', 25 Ernest Street, Hunters Hill NSW

Utterly spectacular. Very North Shore, Long Island.

No spiders here, not allowed. 

Yes, you could moor a boat here but is there power and water?

No bindies, not allowed.

Needs new paint and window treatments. Something like this (the colour, ignore the sofa) -

^ NB - that room is from another property, it's just to show the paint colour.

That needs new paint too.

More new paint needed. It looks like a clot. 


  1. Outstanding. I think this one went the way of many other good ones lately...


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