Thomas Hamel is God.

I'm not kidding, Thomas Hamel literally actually is the Lord of all Interiors. And our Lord and Saviour is selling his amazing apartment in Sydney's CBD. It is AMAZE. If I bought it, I'd consider restoring the second bedroom, just for guests. We all know my feelings about light upholstery but that's just because I'm a grot as well as having a tendency towards waxed trousers which are not light upholstery-friendly. But this place is still complete perfection so I had to share. 

Penthouse, Broughton House, Clarence Street, Sydney NSW

More info here.

Also click here for Lucy Macken's piece about Thomas Hamel and his property.

(click pictures to launch slideshow/enlarge)

Very NYC kitchen.

I want exactly everything in this place except with more colour.

I'm not really into 4-poster beds but would have a big upholstered bed surround.


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