Breakfast at Lena's House

So Lena Dunham bought George Peppard's house. Anyone remember George? Breakfast at Tiffany's? The A Team? God I loved The A Team. The movie sucked but the TV show was The Bomb. Anyway, the good folks at over at Domain recently published news about this transaction and were nice enough to share pictures. You should bookmark their page, it's actually kind of great. I don't usually steal their stories but couldn't leave this one alone.

Lena Dunham's House, 11 Don't Stalk Her Street, Los Angeles USA

I don't know much about Lena Dunham except that she has a TV show and appears to be very talented. And controversial but that's not saying much because sadly this world is full of idiots who get offended at the slightest provocation, context be damned. The other thing I know about Lena Dunham is that she clearly has exceptional taste in real estate as you will see from these pictures. 

Also, keep your eyes out for a future, bumper post on warehouse and other conversions. I have a fair few to bundle up but I have the attention span of a 2 year old so it may take a while. 

Extra pics from Curbed LA

(click pictures to enlarge/launch slideshow)

Big love for that cooker.

Love a big laundry.


  1. That would have to be my favourite house! Pity it's in LA. There's nothing else I dislike.


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