McMahons Point Trophy Home.

Have I used this title before? Seems like I would have. Something similar at least.

Oh well.

'Alta Mura' 11 King George Street, McMahons Point/Lavender Bay NSW Australia

Another drool worthy home in my most favourite part of Sydney. Apparently is being offloaded by Daniel Petre. He's a "tech-guru". Also know that he and his wife, Carolyn give loads of money to charity so they're all right in my books. And they have nice taste. Apparently they're bought another local place. Would looooooove to know which one. Oh wait on, could they be the buyers of the place on Lavender Crescent? 

Click here for more info on the property. 

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That's probably induction cooking which is great but I need gas.

I'd also need a bigger telly. 

Bigger telly needed. No disrespect to the owners but I'm blind as a bat.

Meh. Basic.


I'm not sure how I feel about this.


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