Leonard Street Duplex, Tribeca NYC

I've been browsing the NYC listings again and just like Sydney, prices in New York have recently skyrocketed. It's scary how little your dollar gets you in NYC compared to a few years ago. There was a time when I could have afforded a very nice 2/3 bedder, now I'd be lucky to get a 1 bedder even though I have more to spend! Speaking of NYC, does anyone else watch Selling New York? I LOVE that show. I had dozens of episodes saved up but I've watched them all now and find myself having withdrawals for the Kleiers, they are the real stars of that show. Hopefully Lifestyle Home will start airing fresh episodes soon. 

19 Leonard Street, 1D, New York, New York

Like most of the places I blog about, I'd buy this one in a second although, if I'm honest, the direct street access concerns me ever so slightly however I'm sure this is an issue that's been dealt with. The monthlies on this aren't too bad either. OK, yes, maybe it's a bit subterranean but that suits me. This building is known as 'The Juilliard Building' and there's an interesting article about it here. No, it's never housed the famous music school, rather its original owner was a benefactor of that school. 
For more info on this listing, click here. 

(click pictures to enlarge/launch floorplan)


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