Michelle Bridges' Remarkable Birchgrove Home

This property has been featured all over the internet so I'm sure most of you have seen it already but it's really stunning and I want to keep a record of it for myself. In short, Michelle Bridges bought this with her now ex-husband and they did it up and sold it. Not sure if they ever even lived in it. 

10 Wharf Road, Birchgrove NSW 

I don't care if Ms Bridges got a decorator in or did this herself because the end result is breathtaking. I'm told it sold this week for the mid-4 millions which is pretty impressive for a non-waterfront in Birchgrove. I'm particularly taken with the bathrooms but the whole place just really floats my boat.

(click pictures to enlarge/launch floorplan)

Everything about this kitchen wins.

Best. Shower. Ever.


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