Queen Ann in Mosman

Hello readers, hope you're all well. I have been spending time backing up the blog and mending the dead links and republishing the posts. I have also decided that, time permitting, I'm going to make a proper go of this which means, if I actually get off my arse and do it, The Porn is going to be effectively dead. But what will rise in its place will be so much better and, more importantly, won't get caught in people's internet filters. So watch this space and don't worry, I fully intend to migrate the content of The Porn over to the new site. 

34 Shadforth Street, Mosman NSW 

The real estate babble tells us that this house was renovated in 2005 but the renovation has really stood up to time quite well. Not sure what range this would be in and would hate to guesstimate but I suspect it's in the range that will sell quickly. 

One tip guys, I still feel as though the market may be about to hit the wall. I want to be wrong but I honestly am concerned. My advice to you all is to not even consider buying a new place before you sell your current place unless you are absolutely 100% completely sure you can afford to. 

More info on this listing here

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