The Windsor Castle

So this listing just popped up while I was scoffing my salad wrap and I just could not wait. Lunch be damned, this is more important.

'The Windsor Castle' 72 Windsor Street, Paddington NSW

If you were ever wondering what Mrs C's ultimate dream house in Sydney would look like, this is it. And the location is fantastic. Even the agent is on the list of Mrs C's Chosen Agents! (William Manning at Ballard, more info here) Listing jargon tells me this work of art was done by the X.Pace Design Group with gardens by Annie Wilkes. I really do urge you to have a look at the listing as the features are too numerous for me to list here (OK, I could copy and paste but I want to finish my lunch so you can just look at the listing instead). 

FYI, James McCowan of Sotheby's is the co-listing agent.

(click pictures to enlarge/launch slideshow)


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