Villa Moderna

Hey there kids. Still here at this address but things are moving along in regards to the new site. A domain has been purchased and registered, now I need to get some time and motivation to start the site migration across. The good news is that I've found an interface that will accept an .xml file transfer so that part should be easy. Be warned, when the new site is up and functioning, I am going to spam and PR the stuffing out of you all to get the hits up. 

'Villa Moderna' aka 'The Lip House', 98 Surrey Street, Darlinghurst NSW 

This property is utterly remarkable. Not sure I'd buy it but that's a personal thing, I know my taste isn't for everyone but I'm more drawn towards warm and slightly cluttered. Those who know me know that, when I'm upset or stressed, I buy cashmere. I think because it's like a hug. I like my house to be like a hug too. But none of my weirdness changes the fact that this property is remarkable. 

See for yourself and click here for more info.

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