A blast from Mrs C's past

Before I begin, a quick observation. A bunch of trophy properties have hit the market this week including quite a few in Palm Beach. Yes it's the selling season but the market has been stagnating in recent weeks (especially the top end) so ideally one wouldn't list right now. Make of that what you will.....

11A Walker Street, Lavender Bay NSW 

I know this house intimately having lived there with my family (we rented) for a couple of years in the early 90's. There have been changes and upgrades since I lived there but it could do with another revamp, especially in the kitchen. This was listed a couple of years back for a ridiculous price but quickly withdrawn and scrubbed from the internet, I suspect because it became clear that the price the agent gave for the appraisal had nothing to do with reality. I don't know that for a fact of course but it's strongly suspected. Suffice to say they've gone with a good agent this time and I daresay it will sell. I would love to buy it myself and get Thomas Hamel in to do his magic. Oddly, there's a pool out the back but excepting some decks, no real backyard. The pool was there when we lived there and we did make good use of it but I'd probably get rid of it were I to buy this place.

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This is not the pool belonging to the house. Obvs.


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