Centennial Park Perfection

I was reading today that a young billionaire is selling his amazing warehouse* in Paddington to live full time in his recently purchased pile in Centennial Park. So while you can't buy this place you're about to see, you can lust over it just like I did. It is utterly gorgeous.
 *NB: this is the old listing, I'll post the new listing when it's available
44-46 Lang Road, Centennial Park NSW
I am actually completely in love with this study, not sure I'd ever leave it to be honest. The gardens are also beautiful and the pool is lovely and classic. And I want to marry the hallway and the wine cellar AND the kitchen.
Oh my.
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  1. Given the rest of Sydney is being dragged down to Moore Park's traffic and congestion levels, I think the stocks of Centennial Park, Woollahra, Paddington and anything near the park are very safe choices. We're about to fuck Alexandria right off and head back over the bridge.

    Apropos: this one might be a bit beneath you, but I love this place and quite a few places in the better zone of Killara and Lindfield (listing says Lindfield but it's the Killara side of the street). Sandstone tiling is underrated.


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